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A book in three languages:

"The Girls from Afghanistan", "Le ragazze afgane" and "Las jóvenes afganas ".

March 07, 2015, release of "The from Afghanistan" to be distributed by CreateSpace, Amazon.com and Amazon.it in the United ($ 18.00) and in Europe (euro 15.00, pound sterling 11.68).

Authored by Hossein Fayaz 

Translated by Katherine Margaret Clifton 
Publisher: Fayaz Editore
Series: Middle Eastern Notebooks
Edition: 1

Publication Date: March 05 2015

ISBN/EAN13: 8890928611 / 9788890928611

Page Count: 284

Binding Type: US Trade Paper

Trim Size: 6" x 9" (cm 15,24 X cm 22,86)

Language: English

Color: Black and White

Related Categories: Drama/Middle Eastern

Paperback: http://www.amazon.com/ In the United States of America ($ 18.00) and in Europe (euro 15.00, pound sterling 11.68).

Ebookhttp://www.amazon.co.uk/ In USA ($ 3.22) and in Europe (euro 2.99, pound sterling 2.49).

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Presentation of the new book by Hossein Fayaz


The girls from Afghanistan

Tales of war and of love woven into the knots of a rug

Translation by Katherine Margaret Clifton

Hossein, rug merchant, an Italian citizen of Iranian birth, he went to his country of origin in order to buy new goods. Turns out that the market moving carpets with designs ever seen, and his investigation leads him to Dogharon, the refugee camp where thousands of Afghans have fled after the Soviet invasion of their land. Here he met Azar and Ozra, with their 'carpets narrative', woven with symbols that tell their painful stories and that of the Afghan people.

Hossein Fayaz in this story, made ​​up of many stories that intersect like knots in a carpet, addresses a number of topical issues, telling Iranian customs of the people who live on the border of Europe and have always been the interlocutors of the Europeans, and we know very little about them in the West.
The author, for each episode is narrated, is inspired by real life. The book is not an autobiography, but often the moments that have a direct connection with the theme of the story are retraced.

The book is enriched by three substantial final chapters: "Glossary of terminology Persian (Farsi Dari) used in the story", "History of the most important historical events that took place in Iran and Afghanistan, from 1499 to the Present" and "A Conversation with Hossein Fayaz ".


The protagonists of the story
In the warehouse of the rug merchant in Mashhad
To the field of Afghan refugees
Azar the weaver narrator
The story knotted
The design and symbols instead of words
The story of an escape
The clash with smugglers of opium
Wedding in a makeshift shelter
The confrontation with the Russians
Crossing the border
The design is no longer an enigma
Najibe, from the Royal Palace to the prison
Siavash the young Afghan refugee
Siavash, what future
The arrival of the carpet Azar in Italy
Where are now the protagonists of the story?
A Conversation with Hossein Fayaz


March 10, 2015

Presentation of the second edition of "Le ragazze afgane" and its English and Spanish edition

As part of the Sixth Review "Join with the author" to be held in Morciano di Romagna, Tuesday, March 10, 2015, at 18:00, at the Conference Hall of Pastry Garden Via Due Ponti n. 1, Hossein Fayaz present the second updated edition of the book Le ragazze afgane and its translations in English

The Girls from Afghanistan, Tales of war and of love woven into the knots of a rug, translation by Katherine Margaret Clifton;

Las j?venes afganas, Historias de guerra de amor y narradas a trav?s de los de nudos a alfombra, traducci?n a cargo de Patricia Garc?a Gonz?lez, Fayaz Editore.



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